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I grew up listening to folk music, my family would listen to it on Sundays after church and while prepared our bar-be-que dinner. We liked the beautiful music and poetic lyrics which make one pause and reflect. My parents loved the soothing music which makes one pause and reflect on life.

Ian & Sylvia were among our favorites and one of my first album purchases. I loved their down to earth, authentic sounding folk and country music style. They were early 1960s folk revival singers in Canada who recorded before many other Canadian folk singers like Gordon Lightfoot, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, and Buffy Saint-Marie. Canadian folk singers are some of the best folk artists, they have a sincere style and write and sing beautiful ballads.

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Ian & Sylvia were a married Canadian folk and country singer-songwriter duo of the 1960s and 1970s. They began their singing career as a duo in Toronto in 1959 and released their debut album in 1962. They recorded 13 albums together and had a 1970s TV show. They stopped singing together in the late 1970s, following their own careers.

Ian Tyson (1933-2022), was from British Columbia, he was a former rodeo rider and a cattle rancher. Sylvia Fricker, was born in 1940, she was from Ontario. They wrote many of their own songs with some becoming covers by other singers. They also sang traditional folk songs and compositions of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot, Johnny Cash, and others.

Four Strong Winds

A country western ballad written by Ian Tyson. It is considered the greatest Canadian song of all time. The song has also been recorded by Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Judy Collins, John Denver, Joan Baez, and others.

Ian and Sylvia Tyson Inducted into Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame | Exclaim!

Some Day Soon

A beautiful country western song written by Ian Tyson. The song has also been recorded by Glen Campbell, Judy Collins, Moe Bandy, and Suzy Bogguss.

Tomorrow Is a Long Time

A beautiful and popular ballad written by Bob Dylan. Also recorded by Judy Collins, Joan Baez, Rod Stewart, and others.

Ian & Sylvia - Live At The Hollywood Bowl - 1965 - Past Daily Soundbooth - Tribute Edition: Ian Tyson (1933-December 29, 2022) – Past Daily: A Sound Archive of News, History, Music

Early Morning Rain

A popular folk song written by Gordon Lightfoot. The song has also been recorded by Peter Paul & Mary, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, and others.

You Were On My Mind

A popular folk song written by Sylvia Fricker. The We Five pop group made a hit with the song. It was also recorded by The Bangles rock group.

Ian and Sylvia at the Unicorn: Ian Tyson and Sylvia Tyson performing - Digital Commonwealth

Short Grass

A traditional style folk song written by Tyson and Fricker.

Reason to Believe

A beautiful song written by Tim Hardim.

National Treasures and Country Music Legends Ian Tyson and Sylvia Tyson to Receive Individual Inductions to the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame | Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame


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