About Aoide

Aoide Magazine offers intelligent, artistic, and entertaining content—with a flair for the offbeat and provocative.

Named after the first Greek Muse, our magazine centers around Culture and Style, both contemporary and retro, with a tilt towards the 1950’s Golden Age of Hollywood, Broadway, jazz, film noir, and fashion.

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Aiode Magazine was formed by Bruce J. Wood in 2020. Chris Nierhaus is involved in website development, design, graphic art, and marketing. Amy Tranchida contributes writing, editing, and content design. Aurora Adolio leads our social media marketing. In addition, there are numerous writers and artists contributing to the magazine’s content.

Bruce J. Wood, founder of AIODE

Bruce J. Wood has worked on Wall Street in business finance and strategy and has written hundreds of finance business plans, strategic plans, economic feasibility studies, and economic impact studies.  Bruce has lectured on creativity and strategic thinking, as well as worked on the development of numerous publishing, film, television, and performing arts projects, along with downtown revitalizations, using the arts as an economic catalyst.

As an aficionado of music, art, and dance, Bruce is also a writer and an outdoor enthusiast.  He has written poetry, blogs, articles, and many creative project concepts. He lives in the Metro Detroit area and enjoys writing poetry, backpacking, and ballroom dancing.

Poetry books by Bruce J. Wood:

Picture Frames

Mural Tapestries

Herringbone Tweed

Moss Dwelt Hollows

Birch Willow Glens

Blue Harlequin

Lavender Prairie Sage

Calico Patchwork