Best Hiking Movies

The majestic beauty of wilderness forests, mountains, and deserts is captured in several backpacking films. Excellent scenery and thrilling adventure. Often they are true stories about overcoming challenges and finding oneself.

Wild, 2014

A true account of Cheryl Strayed who hiked 1,100 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. She undertook the trek as a path of recovery from depression and drugs after the death of her mother. Stars Reese Witherspoon as Strayed and Laura Dern as the mother. A highly acclaimed film with numerous awards and nominations.

A Walk In the Woods, 2015

A comedy about two mismatched men who attempt to hike the Appalachian Trail. They are not prepared for the strenuous trek and continuously run into trouble. Stars Robert Redford and Nike Nolte.

The Way, 2010

A touching film about a man played by Martin Sheen who tries to meet his deceased son’s dream of hiking the pilgrimage Caminode Santago trail in France and Spain. The father journeys in search of peace and atonement.

Tracks, 2013

A true story of a young woman who hiked 2,000 miles across the Australian desert with four camels to keep her company. Stars Mia Masikowska and Adam Driver. The film won numerous awards.

Wildlike, 2014

Highly acclaimed film about an orphaned and abused young woman in rural Alaska trying to escape her uncle who molested her. She is befriended by a hiker who helps her survive through the wilderness. Stars Ella Purnell and Bruce Greenwood.

The Way Back, 2010

A true story about a group of Polish and Russian prisoners who escaped a Soviet Siberian labor camp during World War Two. They hiked 4,000 miles to freedom in India. Stars Jim Sturgess, Colin Farrell, and Ed Harris.

Into the Wild, 2007

A true story of Christopher McCandless who lived alone to survive in the Alaskan wilderness. Stars Emile Hirsh and William Hurt. The film received many award nominations.

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Bruce J. Wood
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