Aliya: What a Dream I Had – A Short Story

I met Aliya on Cape Cod last year, I was there to read over and correct any errors I found in the script that was written by one of the MGM screenwriters. MGM had purchased my story ‘French Flowers’ to make it into a movie. I flew to Boston and drove to Province Town to spend a few days at an oceanfront hotel and work with this script.

The hotel I was at had a very long dock extending 100 yards out into the Atlantic Ocean. During the early morning of my second day there I got some coffee from the Starbucks at the base of the dock and walked toward the Atlantic.

About halfway to the end of the dock, I saw a very low cloud or very dense bank of fog about a mile off the coast. While looking at this ‘fog’ a very unusual boat emerged through it coming toward our dock. The boat was shaped like a large Gondola, painted glossy black, and with what seemed like, at that distance, a single person at the helm.

While I kept my eyes on this unusual vehicle long enough to see it was piloted by a female. As she got closer I could see she was very beautiful. She seemed bent on putting in at our dock.

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When the boat was about 30 yards away she called out to me: “Would you please take the rope at the rear of my boat and secure it to one of the stanchions on the dock”? I answered: “Yes”. The boat cruised right to the end of the dock, I didn’t see any oars or hear a motor, just a smooth put-in.

The girl ran to the front of the boat and secured it as I did to its rear. Then she went to the middle and got up on a platform and leapt off the boat. As she landed barefoot on the dock I reached to steady her, our hands met and an ‘electric-feel’ ensued between us.

She said: “Did you feel that Tom”? I answered yes with a question: how do you know my name? She smiled and told me she knew lots of things. Telling me my age and that I wanted to know her’s was the next bit I got from her. I said that a gentleman doesn’t ask a young lady her age. She knew that but said that didn’t mean I wasn’t interested in knowing her age. I replied: “Well, if you are so inclined”. She responded that her birthday was in two days and she would be exactly nineteen hundred years of age then. I said: “ Really? You don’t look a day over a hundred”. She laughed and told me she had come to this shore three times in the last month but this is the first conversation she has had with anyone. The others she encountered were either young children or adults who seemed unconcerned about talking to her. She told me her name was Aliya.

I told her that it had to be my lucky day! She replied: “Likewise’.

I asked: “Where are you from with this fancy boat”? “I am from the continent of

Atlantis” was her reply. Thinking that was a very unusual answer I asked her why she wasn’t all wet? “I’m not all wet because I live on Atlantis twenty two thousand ago”. That was as far-fetched as could be, so I asked her how?

She told me that the Atlantians were a very advanced civilization with many ultra-high-tech inventions that make life simpler and more livable. They had a way to cloak their existence from the other people on Earth and that is what they do. I asked her where her people came from, her response was more detailed: “We came from the planet Atlantis far off in the Andromeda Galaxy nearly two thousand light years from Earth. We were on a planet that’s sun was about to go into a ‘Super-Nova’ our planet would be destroyed. Our scientists figured this out and with about one hundred years left before this explosion we began to send probes out into the universe to find a suitable planet to move to. Earth was the closest in environment to Atlantis so we moved, all seven thousand of us. This took place about fifty thousand years ago.

Image of Atlantis from Aliya’s time

“We are humans just like you are with DNA and other similar traits. While we were settling here our medical and science people figured out how we could extend life expectancy. A simple magnetic change to one small part of our DNA and we could live to between four thousand five hundred and five thousand years. This change would be extended by birth to all of our future generations.

As to our arrival here on Earth, it came to fruition by using what our scientists called a worm-hole. You would probably call it an Einstein/Rosen Bridge. That theory actually works!

When we arrived we settled on a continent in the middle of an ocean. We named it after our planet. And named the ocean Atlantic. Would you like to visit Atlantis with me”?

I responded that I would like to be able to come home again and my home was in Michigan. She said we could go to Atlantis and come back in just two days. I thought to myself: this was not an opportunity that comes along very often, if ever. So I said yes.

She told me to climb aboard and come to the helm with her. She told me the ‘fog’ was actually the propellant that got her boat to and from her destinations. We will be going at about seven hundred miles an hour so the trip to Atlantis will take forty-five minutes. During that time we will be in darkness enclosed by the fog that has an unusual effect on people. I asked what she meant by that. Aliya told me I would find out. As we proceeded into the fog I felt a very cool feeling come over me, so did she. We began to hug and kiss and push our bodies into each other then all the way to making love on this boat trip to another world. Geez!

Atlantis after the fall of the continent

When the boat slowed there was no more ‘unusual feeling’ only a clear view of the harbor where her home was. It was like the trips sixty’s style happenings never came about. She pointed to a beautiful blue house on a steep slope overlooking the shore, she told me: “That is where I live”.

This place, so far looked like Paradise. I asked about the government, how they handled money and if they had an army or police?

She remarked that a King oversaw the whole continent. He was from the same family that ruled Atlantis since their time on the planet they came from. “We don’t have money like your people do; we take care of each other. There is an army in case we are invaded; however that is unlikely as no one on the outside can see or hear us. No police, just medical crews incase of accidents”.

We cruised up the small river near her home and then on to a stream that led to her garage, into the garage and a crane lifted the boat up one level. We got out and went inside.

She asked if I was hungry, I said yes and asked what kind of food they had here in Atlantis? She told me they had the same food as we do and the same kind of drinks.

We walked up the hill to a cafe and went inside, I was surprised to find cheeseburgers, beer and French fries all at no cost! The lady waiting on tables there was very pleasant asking where I was from, welcoming me there and telling me that Aliya was a very nice woman.

During my three-day stay it seemed to me the Continent of Atlantis was a very special place, even though it was hidden from the rest of us on Earth.

Aliya and I made our way back to Cape Cod repeating the same activity we engaged in on our way to Atlantis. What a trip!

Every time I search for Atlantis on line or in a dream, I find something that tells me it was probably real, but who knows?






Tom Weschler
Tom Weschler
Tom Weschler is a professional photographer known for his photography of entertainment and music bands and singers. He studied at Oakland University and taught photography at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Tom was Bob Seger’s road manager and photographer in the 1960s and 1970s. Weschler published a book named Travelin’ Man, a photo collection on Bob Seger’s career, which includes a foreword by John Mellencamp and an afterword by Kid Rock. A new book of Tom’s is soon to be released, In the Blink of an Eye: Photographs 1964 -2014, as well as future books on music, art, and fashion models. He is also currrently working on two movie projects.

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