Joseph G. Kozlowski Poems – Part 2

Jealousy or Envy

Envy’s an emotion best to avoid,
like jealousy placed on a steroid,
equates to jealous,
grown overly zealous.

Jealousy views neighbors’ goods with a sigh,
asks why not these possessions for I?
Envy views these goods with evil intent,
grasp and gather what’s yours under my tent.

Jealousy is akin to nostalgia, regret,
may equate to sadness over time poorly spent,
Envy festers and boils with resentment,
toxic to any chance of contentment.

Ignore in its amplitude,
personal happiness or gratitude,
seethe with malcontent, soon begin to smolder,
contemplate acts both nasty and bolder.

Even dislike other’s character trait(s),
negative thoughts then escalate,
resentment that begins to berate,
transcend the material with spiritual hate.

Uncontrolled, grows to calumny,
even to outright calamity,
the past’s replete with stories of envy gone further,
in ultimate expression, quite often murder.


Prologue: “People tend to fall into one of the
following two categories: having and hoarding
or being and sharing.” Erich Fromm

The nemesis of greed
a virtue with many modes/today
manifests itself via material generosity
tomorrow in spiritual form or
may be revealed via affection,
even thoughtfulness/gifts
that bestow value on others/
alternative shapes of this virtue.

Perhaps one practices generosity to
subtly purge her own soul,
a rite of purification/or
in recognition of and
sharing with kindred spirits:
an ongoing dance of mutual
holiday affection among sundry
family/friends/church members/co-workers
beyond recognition of routine
birthdays and anniversaries.

As a volunteer
is the volunteer generous
gifting time, energy, money or
she/he conveys the higher gift of self;
selfless gifting elevates,
reveals character
a capacity for generosity of the soul-
to listen attentively
to acknowledge others feelings
to convey kindness
to respond and bless with empathy.



Why should I refrain from
napping on this couch?
prolonged dwelling here with the others
merely enhances my sense of entitlement.

Only yesterday the leader said,
“Off the couch”!
I shrugged, ignored her peremptory command,
slowly slipping back to slumber.

The family feline friend
sauntered into my line of view,
should I chase this pest?
No, No, better distractions await me.

I chide myself patience, patience;
more sublime pastimes
are soon to come; re-engage;

best pursuit, renew your nap!

Auguste Rodin's Figurative Sculptures at the Musée Rodin

(in limerick style)

No third parties said she,
how beastly you be,
I’m open to frolic,
that won’t cause any colic,
but decline any sharing of thee.

Should you believe fidelity
is for someone other than thee,
I’ll soon find another,
with kisses to smother,
you’ll lose the commitment from me.

Lust’s flaw is distraction
passion which omits satisfaction;
thus when love is excluded,
true fulfillment precluded,
the action is empty of traction.

Merely thinking about masturbation,
caused Rigid Reverend much perturbation,
while his damning words were intense
and his flock feigned pretense,
his frenzied sermon lacked sufficient persuasion.

Thinking adultery this season,
pondering a reason,
they thought not of marriage,
but lingered a time in her carriage,
enjoying their prolonged, lusty treason.

The root of lust is addiction,
an overpowering distracting affliction,
which interferes with other endeavor,
it’s crafty, conniving and clever,
displacing any favorable action.

He was not on a quest,
simply said they were blessed,
but her daughter somewhat dazed,
quickly became quite enraged,
when she thought he proposed some incest.

A gathering of friends became a sad story,
group groping and other acts lacking in glory,
this assembly of folks lacked any goal,
drinking and drugs and behavior sans soul,
without any feeling turned into an orgy.

When her no lacked conviction,
he thought maybe her actual direction,
so made it his task
to continue to ask,
a poor choice upon further reflection.

When you think of perversion,
ponder reversion,
to childish behavior contrary to nature,
stranded in youth, quite immature,
unable to grow, permanent primitive immersion.

Consider lust an excess,
a quest without pause or recess,
lacking love or genuine feeling,
it’s coldness leaves participant’s reeling,
an unending void and a mess.


Joseph G. Kozlowski
Joseph G. Kozlowski
Joe obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois and graduate work George Washington University and Boston University. A veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and worked 15 years in management of the U.S. Social Security and Medicare programs. In the private sector, Joe worked 35 years in management of employee benefit programs and health care systems. Joe has published four business books, articles, and is fluent in German. Joe is retired and enjoys golf, backpacking, and travel, and bocce ball.

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