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Classical and jazz music is less common on network and cable TV as it us to be. Denying performing arts broadcast coverage is a grave error of judgment by the TV industry. In the U.S. there are 54 million adults who listen to classical music, 85 million who listen to jazz, 59 million who attend live theater, 40 million who attend live dance performances, and 103 million who attend art events, according to the National Endowment of the Arts. These performing arts enthusiasts tend to have higher education and higher household income, providing advertisers with lucrative markets.

To fill this gap, there are available several streaming sources that provide viewers with classical, opera, dance, and jazz performances. The world’s greatest artists and most prestigious performing arts companies and venues are available.

Medici TV

Based in Paris, Medici offers worldwide streaming of over 3,000 performances in classical music, opera, and jazz. It offers 150 live performances a year from the top venues worldwide. It also has classes, interviews, and history. Leading performing arts organizations and venues are offered from the U.S., UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland, Cuba, Italy, Canada, Israel, Denmark, and others.

Ad Deum Dance Company Interview with Shannon Benton – The BDancewear Blog

Marquee TV

Worldwide streaming performances of classical music concerts, operas, ballet and contemporary dance, and theatre. Offering broadcasts of leading performing arts organizations and venues in the U.S. UK, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Australia, and others. The site also includes classes and documentaries.

Mezzo TV

A worldwide streaming service based in Paris which offers performances, classes, and festivals of classical music, opera, ballet and contemporary dance, and jazz. Offers performing arts organizations and venues from the U.S., Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Finland, Switzerland, and others.

Metropolitan Opera | La Bohème

Dance Channel TV

Streaming worldwide, the channel offers classical and contemporary dance performances, competitions, education, history, artist profiles, and documentaires.

Stingray Classica TV

A worldwide streaming service based in Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands. It offers concerts, festivals, and competitions of classical music, opera, ballet and contemporary dance, and jazz. It offers leading performing arts organizations and venues from the U.S., Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Norway, France, Russia, Germany, and others.

The Jazz Channel

A Youtube channel dedicated to worldwide jazz performances at clubs, concerts, festivals, and competitions.


Bruce J. Wood
Bruce J. Wood
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