The First Omen, 2024 Movie Release

20th Century Studios is releasing the much anticipated horror film The First Omen on April 5, 2024. The movie is a prequel story to the 1976 original horror movie the The Omen and its 2006 remake.

The movie is about a young American woman, played by Nell Tiger Free, who is sent to Rome to begin a life of service to the Catholic Church. She encounters a darkness that causes her to question her faith and uncovers a terrifying conspiracy to bring about the birth of incarnate evil. In the original 1976 story, a couple adopts a son they name Damian. It is revealed that Damian is the son of Satan and the Anti-Christ.

The First Omen official trailer.

The director is Arkasha Stevenson in her directorial debut, she also helped on the script. She is known for Legion, Channel Zero, Vessels, Briarpatch, and Brand New Cherry Flavor.

The film’s writers are Arkasha Stevenson, Tim Smith (Searching, Channel Zero), and Keith Thomas (The Vigil, Firestarter).

The First Omen' Trailer: Horror Prequel to 'The Omen' Gets First Look

Cast members include:

Nell Tiger Free, a British actress of film and TV. Known for Game of Thrones, Servant, Broken, and Settlers.

Sonia Braya, a Brazilian actress of film and TV with Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Emmy nominations. Known for Aquarius, Moon Over Parador, Kiss of the Spider Woman, and Dona Flur and Her Two Husbands.

Ralph Ineson, a British actor of film, TV, and stage. Known for Game of Thrones, the Harry Potter series, First Knight, The Witch, and The Green Knight.

Bill Nighy, a British actor in film, TV, and stage. A winner of a BAFTA and Golden Globe with Oscar, Tony, and Olivier nominations. Known for Underworld, Love Actually, About Time, Page Eight, and Living.

Charles Dance, a British actor in film, TV, and stage who a SAG award and nominations for 4 Emmys and a BAFTA. He is known for Game of Thrones, Last Action Hero, Gosford Park, The Crown, and The Imitation Game.

Tawfeek Barham, a Palestinian film and TV actor. He is known for Cairo Conspiracy, The Wa of the Wind, The Looming Tower, and A Borrowed Identity.

The First Omen Gets First Official Poster - But Why Tho?

The First Omen Announced For A 2024 Release - Nerdtropolis




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