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Lawn games are outdoor games of skill, precision, concentration, and strategy that have been played worldwide for centuries, some going back to Greek and Roman times. These games continue to be popular among all ages and social classes. Each game is ruled by associations that hold national and world championships. Lawn games represent a variety of lawn ball and throwing games.


A shared love of Bocce

Bocce is a ball game similar to bowling played on a clay or asphalt court. The object is to throw as many large bocci balls closest to a small target ball.

World rankings are, Men’s: 1. David Smith-UK, 2. Jose De Oliveira-Brazil, 3. Wei Lun Chen-Malaysia. Women’s: 1. Subin Tipmanee-Thailand, 2. Yuriko Fujii-Japan, 3. Amagoia-Spain.


Golf Croquet 101 - Palm Beach Illustrated

Croquet is a lawn ball game that involves hitting wooden or plastic balls with mallets through hoops, called wickets, on a grass playing court. The U.S. Croquet Association governs U.S. tournaments. The World Croquet Association governs international competitions. There are 200 croquet clubs in the U.S. and 170 in England.

Current world team croquet standings are, Teams: 1. England, 2. Australia, 3. Scotland. Men’s: 1. Robert Fulford-England, 2. Matthew Essick-U.S., 3. Thomas Balding U.S. Women’s: 1. Debbie Lines-England, 2. Gabrielle Higgins-England, 3. Jenny Clark-New Zealand


Pitch in: How to play horseshoes

Horseshoes is a throwing lawn game involving throwing U-shaped bars at target stakes. It is played in a lawn or sand box area with stakes 40 feet apart. Two players or teams alternate in throws.

The National Horseshow Pitchers Association holds world tournaments. The current Men’s rankings: 1. Alan Francis, Drew Becker, 3. Andrew Adams. Women’s: 1. Sarah Chaffee, 2. Skyla Rioux, 3. Sylvianne Maison.


Badminton: Indonesia Masters Women's Singles 2021 Schedule

Badminton is a racket game using a racquet to hit a feathered shuttlecock across a net. Games are played on a rectangular court much like tennis. The Badminton World Federation holds championship competitions.

Champions are, Men’s Singles: 1. Kunlavut Vitidsarn- Thailand, 2. Kodal Naroka-Japan, 3. Prannoy H.S.-India. Women’s Singles: 1. Aa-Se-young-South Korea, 2. Carolina Marin –Spain, 3. Chen Yu fei –China. Men’s Doubles: 1. South Korea, 2. Denmark, 3. Malaysia. Women’s Doubles: 1. China, 2. Indonesia, 3. China.

Flying Discs

Ultimate Disc Sport & Ultimate Discs / Frisbees - Products & Information -  Small Planet Disc Sports - New Zealand

Flying disc sports use Frisbees thrown in a variety of games, including Disc Golf, Free Style, and Ultimate. The World Flying Disc Federation holds world championships.

Disc Golf standing are first U.S., second Finland, third Japan. Ultimate standings: first U.S., second Canada, third England. Freestyle men’s standing are first Ryan Young U.S., second James Wiseman U.S. Women’s standings are Juliana Korrer U.S. in first and Ilka Sim Germany in second.


Shuffleboard - Lakeside Chautauqua Ohio

Shuffleboard is a game in which players use cues to push weighted discs, sending them gliding down a narrow court, with the purpose of having them come to rest within a marked scoring area. Competitions are held by the International Shuffleboard Association.

World rankings are Men’s Teams: 1. Germany, 2. U.S. Stripes, 3. U.S. White. Women’s Teams: 1. U.S. Blue, 2 U.S. Stripes, 3. Germany. Men’s Singles: 1. Michael Hirsch -U.S., 2. Paul Assad -U.S., 3. Tarben Hussmann -Germany. Women’s Singles: 1. Missy Kayko -U.S., 2. Iren Hoffmannas -Germany, 3. Thanh Seybold –U.S.

Target Archery

Getting Started in Competitive Archery: USA Archery Rules

Target Archery involves using a bow and arrow to shoot at a stationary target on lawns or courts. The World Archery Federation holds championship competitions.

Men’s rankings for 2023 in Berlin 1. Mere Gazoz-Turkey, 2. Eric Peters-Canada, 3. Arcus D’Almeida-Brazil. Men’s Team: South Korea. Women’s rankings: 1. Marie Horackova –Czech, 2. Alejandra Valensia-Mexico, 3. Satsuki Noda-Japan. Women’s Team Germany.


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