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La Chimera is a delightful and critically praised Italian romantic comedy movie which is being released in U.S. theaters on March 29, 2024. The film was premiered at Cannes in 2023 and won both Cannes and European Film Awards. Italian critics consider it the best Italian film of 2023.

The Guardian gave it a 5 out of 5 rating and calls La Chimera “exhilarating and celebratory in its utterly distinctive style.” Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 95% rating and said “marvelous and magical tale is the pie in the sky to behold.” Metacritic gave it an 86% rating.

Alice Rohrwacher is the director of La chimera. She is an Italian film director with Cannes and Venice Awards and an Oscar nomination. She is known for The Wonders, Happy as Lazzaro, Corpo Celeste, and Le pupille.

The movie is a quirky, fantasy comedy about a young British archeologist, played by Josh O’Connor, who gets involved in an international black market network of stolen ancient Etruscan artifacts. The movie is set in Riparbella in Tuscany, Italy in the 1980s. He teams up with a bizarre homeless gang of grave robbers. They sell the artifacts to a shady dealer. The rest is delightful chaos.

La Chimera review – Alice Rohrwacher's uproarious adventure teems with life  | Cannes 2023 | The Guardian

The cast includes:

Josh O’Connor, a British actor of stage, film, and TV with SAG, Golden Globe, and Emmy awards, He is known for The Crown, God’s Own Country, Emma, Hop Gap, and others.

Carol Duarte, a Brazilian actress of film, TV, and film. Known for Invisible Life, Edge of Desire, Second Call, and others.

Isabella Rossellini, a film and TV Italian actress with Golden Globe and Emmy nominations. Known for Blue Velvet, Dark Eyes, Enemy, Death Becomes Her, Fearless, among others.

Vincenzo Nemoloto, an Italian actor known for Tale of Tales, Le vuci di dentro, M. Il figlio del secolo, among others.

Alba Rohrwacher, an Italian actress with a Berlin award. Known for Hungry Hearts, I Am Love, The Wonders, Sworn Virgin, and others.

Lou Roy-Lecollinet, a French actress with Cesar, Cannes, Venice, and Berlin awards. Known for My Golden Days, Aurore, Proud, and others.

Alice Rohrwacher's Cannes competition film 'La Chimera' scores multiple  international deals | News | Screen


Director Alice Rohrwacher

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